1 A week filming with Domestika

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In the first week of April, I went to the Domestika studios in London to shoot the video tutorial featuring my watercolour techniques. The subject was one of my staple river scenes. There were many 'lessons' to cover which, in reality, are my usual painting processes from choosing the subject through to the final painting. Composition, sketching, and the various wash stages were highlighted finishing with detail.

It was a fascinating and very enjoyable week. The film crew and producer were wonderful - friendly, helpful and above all, patient. There was a lot of material to get through and sometimes, I 'forgot my lines'! But we got there. i'm very much looking forward to seeing the final product which should be out by May 22.

For me it was a landmark in my career as an artist. I feel it is a great accomplishment and endorses my skills and talent as a watercolour artist. 

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  • Shawn R

    16-10-2022 11:39

    I have searched Domestika many times looking for this tutorial but only find your profile and “projects”. I greatly admire your work and style. I am returning to watercolor after 45 years away and I think watching your video tutorial would be such a great start for me. Would you be so kind as to share a link where this tutorial is?