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      Recently, I was offered the opportunity to work with ‘Aquarel Art’ as a board member on their judging panel. It’s a wonderful opportunity to be a part of this group who are working to gather some of the best artists, not only in the Netherlands but in Europe in general.  As a member of the group I have the opportunity to show my work on their website and exhibit in their ‘Brick Gallery’ in Zutphen. As a nascent company, their website is currently in Dutch, but they are now working to include English.  As soon as this becomes available I will update the website link.

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      I could talk about the art market but I would only end up with assumptions. So many online galleries and competitions are springing up, which confuses the picture in regard to the national gallery outlets. It’s a good thing in many ways as it offers a global forum for artists and buyers alike. But before I go any further with this endless subject, I would prefer to tell you about my art and what is going on for me. I’m returning to many of my favourite subjects - riverscapes seascapes, woodlands, orchards and meadows. Over the last 3 years I’ve been developing my acrylic painting technique. I feel more confident with the medium after a long build-up to it, which produced not a few failures. The new medium fired me up to produce new textures and light in my work. I returned to my favourite subjects with new vigour and excitement.  I still love painting in watercolour - I feel as though the medium is part of me. But interestingly, the new medium has somehow allowed me to look at these subjects (and nature in general) in a new way. The possibilities have broadened, I feel I can delve a little deeper into the subjects - a little like getting to know a person in a deeper way.  This coming year I’ll be proffering my work into the R.I. The federation of British Artists, The Painters in watercolour exhibition and the Royal society of Marine Artists. Instagram seems to be the platform for art and selling, so I’m updating my site and will soon be opening a shop on the app.  I’m hoping this will help to show my work to a broader national audience and perhaps attract the attention of some new galleries. In November I will be showing 3 new works with the SWAc annual open exhibition at our new venue - Kennaway House, in Sidmouth, Devon.